2013 Giant Rental Fleet Sale

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It’s that time of year again. 2014 models are out and our rental fleet is about a year old, which means it’s time to sell off the rental fleet to make room for new models.

Here is a list of bikes available (all 2013 models) and prices. We will try to update the list to reflect sales as they happen:

Men’s Comfort:

Giant Sedona small, $299 SOLD!
Giant Sedona medium, $299 SOLD!
Giant Sedona large, $299 SOLD!
Giant Sedona DX extra large, $375 SOLD!

Women’s Comfort:

Giant Sedona W small, $299 SOLD!
Giant Sedona W medium, $299 SOLD!

Men’s Mountain:

Giant Revel 3 small, $299 SOLD!
Giant Revel 3 medium, $299 SOLD!
Giant Revel 3 large, $299 SOLD!
Giant Revel 3 extra large, $299 SOLD!
Giant Talon 29er 1 medium, $699
Giant Talon 29er 1 large, $699
Giant Talon 29er 1 extra large, $699
Giant Anthem 29er X4 small, $1500SOLD!
Giant Anthem 29er X4 medium, $1500SOLD!
Giant Anthem 29er X4 large, $1500 SOLD!

Women’s Mountain:

Giant Revel 3 W extra small, $299 SOLD!
Giant Revel 3 W small, $299 SOLD!
Giant Revel 3 W medium, $299 SOLD!

Men’s Road:

Giant Defy 5 medium, $550 SOLD!
Giant Defy 5 large, $550 SOLD!
Giant Defy 5 extra large, $550

Women’s Road

Giant Avail 5 extra small, $550 SOLD!
Giant Avail 5 small, $550 SOLD!
Giant Avail 5 medium, $550


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Josh Bolick works at Florida State University Libraries in the Office of Scholarly Communication.
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