2013 Salsa Fargo

2013 Salsa Fargo 3

The 2013 Salsa Fargo 3 is an offroad touring machine!


From Salsa’s website:

The Fargo is our drop-bar, off-road adventure bike.

First introduced in 2008, the Fargo has developed a cult status as a bicycling anomaly: a disc brake only, drop bar mountain bike designed for off-road touring and bikepacking.

Drop bars provide multiple hand positions for long rides on singletrack, gravel, and pavement…or possibly, a mix of all three.

The Kung Fu CroMoly frameset provides an excellent ride quality without dismissing durability.

Use our Wanderlust Rack and Fargo Fork for fully loaded touring. Or carry a light load with the use of a bikepacking setup. Add Anything Cages to the Fargo fork for additional storage space for water, ultralight shelters, or gear. If you’re taking on rougher terrain, the suspension-corrected frame design also accommodates a suspension fork. The Fargo is an extremely versatile beast of burden.

The Fargo is designed to take you wherever it is you wish to go. Throw a dart at a map, make some plans, load up your gear, and hit the dirt.

Fargo. Go far.

We still have a 2013 Fargo 3 medium, in stock until further notice.  Stop by for a test ride or call for more info.

The Great Bicycle Shop
1909 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee FL 32303

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Josh Bolick works at Florida State University Libraries in the Office of Scholarly Communication.
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