Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Christmas is only two weeks out. If you’re done with your shopping, congratulations, but odds are you aren’t. No matter what kind of rider you’re shopping for, or what your budget is, we’ve got something that fits the bill. And don’t be afraid to ask the sales staff; we’re here to help and answer questions, not talk you into something. Here’s a list of gift ideas for the cyclists on your list:

Garmin Edge 500, Cateye Velo 9, Giant Continuum 9W

Garmin Edge 500, Cateye Velo 9, Giant Continuum 9W

Computers: Most people find it at least minimally interesting to know how far they’ve gone, and how fast. Basic wired computers like the Cateye Velo 9 ($30) tell you that plus seven other features. More advanced computers operate wirelessly and can monitor cadence, heart rate, carbon offset, and so on. Garmin makes some really amazing stuff for the data heads.

Lights: Basic sets for kids and recreational riders start around $25. There are some really great commuter lights in the $45-$75 range. Super-bright (300+ lumens) can be over $100, but that’s what you’ll need to ride at Tom Brown or Munson Hills at night.

Blackburn Click Combo, Niterider Mako, Cygolite Metro 300

Blackburn Click Combo, Niterider Mako, Cygolite Metro 300

Flat kits: It’s not exciting, but it’s necessary. Sooner or later everyone flats. When you’re carrying to right tools, it’s not a big deal. We can set you up with everything they need so you don’t have to go pick ’em up: spare tube, tire levers, patch kit, inflation method, and a bag to carry it in. Make sure you know what tube size to get (it’s written in the tire sidewall), and note whether it’s a Presta or Schrader valve (does it look like the valves on your car or not?). We’ve got a packaged set with everything but the tube for $33, or we can build a kit from scratch.

Park Tool Multitools

Park Tool Multitools

Multitools: Basically a Swiss Army knife for your bike. Simple ones with the basic Allen sizes (4, 5, 6) and screwdrivers cost $12; the sky’s the limit after that with some tools that have chain breakers and shock pumps. We have several models under $30 that will meet the needs of most cyclists.

Bike cleaning gear: Avid cyclists love to keep their bike clean. The Finish Line Pro Care 6.0 bucket has everything they’ll need for $60, or you can just get a degreaser ($10-$12) and a stiff bristled brush (Park Tool GSC-1 $6) for the basics.

Cycling Socks

Sock Guy and Defeet Socks

Socks: The ones your Grandma got you when you were a kid were lame, but these aren’t (buy 3 pairs get one free).

Winter riding gear: With the right gear, you can really ride year-round in Tallahassee. The right gear includes base layers, gloves, shoe covers, arm warmers, leg warmers, wool socks, and some kind of hat or ear warmer.

Hydration: Cycling is physical, and that means you need to drink water when you’re doing it. Some riders like to wear hydration packs like those made by Camelbak. You’d be amazed at how fancy waterbottles are these days with insulation and high-flow mouthpieces.

Hydration Pack and Podium Chill Bottle

Camelbak Hydration

For Kids: streamers, bells, horns, baskets, and spoke beads have delighted kids for ages. Who are you to question that kind of wisdom? Plus, bells and horns make a lot of noise, so buy them for your niece/nephew/grandchild and enjoy the deathstares from the little angel’s parents.

Miscellaneous other stuff: A lot of the stuff your cyclist goes to the shop for gets used up, like spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, gels, chamois cream, and chain lubricant. They’re going to need more of it. Plus these items are small and cheap and therefore make great stocking stuffers.

Gift Cards: we just got a brand new batch of cool looking gift cards, which you can put any amount of $$$ on, and they can get whatever they want.

GBS Gift Cards

Great Bicycle Shop Gift Cards

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